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What Does College Cost ?

Adams State University is Affordable

The website Affordable Schools ranked a bachelor's degree from Adams State University the fourth most affordable in the state of Colorado.
The rankings are based on data reported to the National Center for Education Statistics, according to Affordable Schools,
strives to help students make smart, higher education choices.

In addition, Adams State's Bachelor of Arts degree in English - Creative Writing Emphasis
was ranked the 12th most affordable in the nation.

Private vs. Public
The tuition at private colleges is more than double the tuition of a public college.
According to the College Board,  cost of a year's tuition, plus room and board,
averaged $32,127 for public colleges. 

Adams State University is Reasonable

At  ASU the  cost of a

Year's tuition      --------------------------------- $8014
Fees         ----------------------------------------  $3126

Housing    ----------------------------------------  $3400
Meal plan  ---------------------------------------   $4200

Books       ----------------------------------------  $1200+
                                                               $21940 +    or   $22,000+

It is difficult to imagine $22,000-$25,000 as reasonable but many universities have tuition costs in the $30,000-$60,000+.   A college education is essential to lifetime earnings but student debt is a serious challenge.

It doesn't matter is you will be attending a private school or a public school, the cost of tuition goes up every year. Many financial experts estimate that the cost of college will increase at approximately 6 percent each year over the next ten years. This means that the average cost of attending a private college will go from $29,026 per year to $50,000 by 2016.

Financial Aid
Just thinking about the rising costs of college tuition is enough to make your head spin. Before worrying that you will never be able to afford a year's worth of college tuition, let alone four years, consider these two words: financial aid.
 MVHS students can apply for MVHS-Adams scholarship. through their school counselor.

Elements of Education Expense
  1. Tuition -    The tuition at Adams State is reasonable but not the lowest of other Colorado 4 year schools.
  2. Books and Supplies -  Library reference material and used books keep cost down. 
  3. Board and Room - On campus housing is reasonable and Monte Vista students can live at home to minimize costs.
  4. Travel -   Travel from Monte Vista is a 17 mile commute.
  5. Social -   There are no social faternaties or sorities at Adams State keeping costs low.

Adams State University is very reasonable